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Here is information about teeth bleaching

Great advice for continued white teeth. 

When you bleached your teeth you’ll naturally want to preserve the results as long as possible. It is most important that you keep good dental hygiene and brush your teeth after you eat or drink something that rub off. Many dental clinics recommend using Opalescence whitening toothpaste after a bleaching treatment to prevent the color pigments re-attach to the tooth surface that wanders into the teeth and create new discolorations. Opalescence Whitening toothpaste is a great choice even for those who do not bleached teeth. It dissolves the pigment located on the tooth’s surface, sanding removes stains and make your teeth cleaner, smoother and thus naturally brighter.

Look up for toothpaste with too much abrasives

Which toothpaste you choose , make sure that it does not contain too much abrasives as the long term can damage and rip out the enamel. Especially if you use an electric toothbrush . It is best to clean your teeth in as gentle a way as possible , and not to use more ” violent ” than necessary. Grinding content measured in the RDA and should be stated on the package . If not, contact your dental clinic that can surely help you with information about your toothpaste. And you can always contact toothpaste manufacturer for details if you are concerned . Low abrasion toothpaste will have a RDA value / abrasive effect during the 80th Opalescence whitening toothpaste has RDA 66th

“Keep track of pH-value. A toothpaste should have as such a pH neutral value as possible. Ideally, the pH should not be below 7. Opalescence whitening toothpaste has a pH of 7” 


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Considerations for teeth whitening

The results of teeth whitening can be spectacular. However, anterior (front) white fillings or dental crowns may be exclusionary from the teeth whitening process. That is, your natural tooth enamel may be whitened while the color of your dental restorations remains the same. Also, if your teeth are severely stained, veneers may be a more appropriate option. For these reasons, you should always discuss teeth whitening options with your dentist to determine which teeth whitening treatment will best suit your needs.

Treatment process

The treatment takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes commence with polishing of the teeth. Then, a hydrogen peroxide gel on the teeth that are activated with plasma light. During the entire treatment changed the gel three times. It activating the plasma wavelength of the light is between 400-490 Nm and is completely free from harmful UV light. The treatment is safe and without permanent side effects (at sensitive teeth a slight twinge can occur in these cases usually disappears screening area during the day ) The average is seven shades whiter teeth after treatment.

Is professional teeth whitening harmful to my teeth in any way?

Teeth Whitening No. Professional teeth whitening products do not compromise the existing structure of your tooth enamel and have been subject to a multitude of studies for more than a decade, proving them to be safe and effective. The key is proper application.

How long does professional teeth whitening last?

Depending on many factors, professional teeth whitening may last from 6 months to 2 years. However, all teeth tend to darken with time. The longevity of professional teeth whitening procedures is dependent on several factors including eating habits, age and your genetic make-up. Tooth darkening can be caused by poor quality tooth enamel, enamel wear, tetracycline staining, smoking, coffee, red wine, cola, certain spices and the use of abrasive toothpastes. You can prolong the effects of your whitening treatment by avoiding or limiting the use and intake of the above items, and maintaining good oral hygiene with regular dental visits.

As you know, fluorine is very important in toothpaste.

It is said that fluoride strengthens the teeth, but what actually happens is that fluoride helps to bring the lime contained in the saliva of the tooth. People talk about a re-mineralization. This allows an initiated hole in a tooth healed with the addition of fluorine. Opalescence toothpaste is unique in the sense that it maximizes fluoride uptake into the tooth. The enamel takes up 4.5 times more fluoride from Opalescence than from other quality toothpastes. For best results, use small amounts of toothpaste, brush properly on all surfaces but do not rinse afterwards with water. In this way, you increase the deposition of fluoride to the tooth, and the smooth surface of your whitening toothpaste longer exists. Discard old toothpaste Do not forget to check the expiration date when you buy your toothpaste. The durability varies from 1 year up to 3 years depending on the brand. For all ingredients in a toothpaste to be active, it is important that it is not too old. Do not forget! DO NOT rinse your mouth with fluoride and no fluoride tablets 2 weeks before treatment, regular toothpaste goes well

teeth whitening

Fluoride stains

It’s very common for fluoride stains to arise in teeth whitening. This is because the teeth are dehydrated. Fluoride stains have been on your teeth before treatment but the teeth whitening can be highlighted. What you should think about if you have this is that you will not use any other fluoride than that found in toothpaste until they disappear. It may take up to three weeks before these florid e stains settles, but be careful not to rinse with mouthwash or similar. It also helps to rinse your mouth with warm water several times a day to speed up the process. It is also common that the spots show a few days after treatment. The people who have very visible fluoride stains before treatment can get treated by coming to Elite Smile Clinics. By coming to us a few times, we can with the help of tooth bleaching remove fluoride stains and create a more even whiter shade.


Many who come to us at Elite Smile want to get a more even whiter shade of  teeth after they have removed their braces where the usually have yellow spots on teeth because out of it. We are often asked if it’s okay to make a teeth whitening despite having a metal wire behind the teeth and there is no problem. Since teeth whitening is done on the front of your teeth, there is no important that you have a wire behind the teeth

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